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Dr. Torre , Behavioral Therapist/Coach
Educating You to
Trust, Try, and Transform!

 Dr. Torre is a native of Atlanta Ga.  She is a therapist/life coach for individuals, groups, couples, and executive communications. She assists clients using CBT/ACT Therapies and Mindfulness techniques. Her clients range from individuals/ couples struggling with daily problems as well as groups in corporate settings.

Her educational background consists of a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Georgia State University, a Master’s degree of Psychology from Argosy University, and a PhD. from Capella University in Behavioral Psychology. She is a published author and a professional speaker.

Dr. Torre has twelve years’ experience in public health research and counseling.  Over the past ten years she has served as a public health facilitator for various grants working with: Emory University, University of Chicago, and University of Rhode Island.  

Dr. Torre’s passion is helping others and her areas of expertise are counseling private/corporate settings, mental and public health consulting, educating others regarding professional development, interpersonal relationship development, women’s empowerment, and sexual health.

“I believe anyone can achieve anything once they are equipped with the right tools to assist their dreams!”
-Dr. Torre Prothro-Wiley PhD
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