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While watching my 17-year-old daughter investigate and plan out her applications for college, I reflected back to a time when I was venturing out into the world at her age. I realize there were many things I thought I knew back then, living only to NOW know, I knew very little about life, and even less about myself. So, what would I tell the younger me about self love and having positive self-esteem? The funny thing about this, is after having been trained to give the best informed answer, the truth comes from my living experiences rather than textbooks and degrees. What I know.... is the hardest road to face is yours, but face it anyway. There is a reason there's only one me; so I should embrace and celebrate that fact. 

My heart sings and my soul shouts when I am listening to myself, rather than someone else's opinion for my life. 

In my earlier blog, I discussed the benefits of being self-aware. However, living and making mistakes--as well as being courageous when you'd like to flee and retreat--have all taught me more about being resilient, confident, and productive with my life, than any other teacher I've had. What I'm stating here is being self-aware leads to having better self-esteem. As we live, hopefully we grow. So being afraid, intimidated, unsure, and yes at times unsuccessful, all attribute to becoming more at peace and accepting of ourselves....warts and all! 

Self-esteem doesn't have to be a clinical idenitfication of valuing yourself. It can be as simple as merely accepting and agreeing with the cards you've been dealt and the way in which you are playing them!

Hang close as I continue to share the importance of being self-aware. If you enjoyed this blog, please feel free to check out others at #BeBrilliantlyU!!

Love and Peace Dr. Torre

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