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Three Tricks for Beginnings...

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Everyday I work with people who are starting over. Starting over in relationships, school, careers, exercise/ weight loss,  and life as a whole. So of course starting my new blog would remind me of how difficult beginnings can be. I suddenly realized to practice what I preach! Transitions were hard for me as a younger woman, but now I've adapted and can honestly say at times I love them. Beginnings are merely the beginning of a transition. The following are tricks I now use to ensure a smoother beginning. They will assist you as your transition begins to unfold. 

​Identify the Resistance For me the frustration began the moment I decided to create my blog. Who should it speak to and how will it stand out from the rest? There is usually some type of  negative message or belief that causes one to be comfortable with complacency and the fear of change. Although I have plenty to say; at times fear of doing things wrong causes some resistance. I love the phrase Do IT Scared, because it gives the much needed push to move ahead, despite the fear you may be experiencing. This is a phrase I often hear myself tell my clients...well if its good for them guess what? I gotta do it a little scared.

Be Prepared Often times, impulsive behaviors cause us to leap before we have used rational and effective reasoning. I have suffered from this possible fatal behavior with many projects I've attempted. This time however, there have been hours spent on research and evaluation, pertaining to blogs and blogging styles. I believe in observation and inquires to assess the best perspective and eventually provide the best possible product. Like many other professionals, practice makes perfect. Soooo, preparation is a must when taking a big step toward change or transition.

Check Your Attitude As Mama used to say "If your attitude is ugly you're not too cute"..... Our attitude sets the tone for our transition. Are you certain of the next step or are you foggy on the necessity or timing of it? How we perceive this change is usually how committed, focused, and successful we will be with it. So check your attitude and see if you're actually on the right path to the change or transition you're seeking. Remember...How you start your beginning is probably how you'll ultimately finish it! 

These tricks have been not only helpful for me, but they have allowed me the time, focus, and perspective to believe my blog will be successful. "What you believe is what you will experience!"  ~Oprah Winfrey. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to reach out to me. Check out my site for additional blogs on life's everyday challenges and how to shift your perspective to allow these transitions to be pleasurable, effective, and hopefully successful!! #BEBRILLIANTLYU!!! 

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